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“InuYasha Kanketsu-hen” review

17 Feb

Series: “InuYasha Kanketsu-hen,” or “InuYasha: The Final Act”
Genre: Romance, Action
Episodes: Still ong0ing as of right now, but I believe there’s 26 total.
Synopsis: This is the last series of InuYasha, picking up from where the series long ago started off.  InuYasha, Kagome, and their friends finally have the fated showdown with Naraku and decide what will become of the Shikon Jewel.
Opinion: 3 out of 5 stars

To my huge surprise, I actually haven’t heard of the recent release of InuYasha until early January. Before any of you get all high and mighty about how InuYasha is an insult to Japanese anime, it was my gateway anime and thus I believe that I should pay homage to the series that sucked me into this addiction in the first place.  That being said, this season has a much better artwork.  The earlier seasons of “InuYasha” seemed 2-D and lacking in color, while this has a more fuller look with shadows and everything.  Finally, the InuYasha series is getting somewhere since they have nothing better to do other than to hurry up and defeat Naraku, so there aren’t as many annoying filler episodes.  Yes, some of the episodes are still dumb and we could probably do without the over-exaggerated fight scenes, but I still have a touch of nostalgia upon viewing this series.