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Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

14 Jul

Series: “Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood”
Genre: Action, Fantasy
Episodes: 64 (complete)
Synopsis: Two brothers have endured hardships with the loss of their mother and body parts due to trying to resurrect the dead. After coming back from knowing the World’s “Truth,” they are able to perform alchemy without a transmutation circle and thus start on a journey to find the Philosopher’s Stone in order to regain their normal lives.
Opinion: 5 out of 5 stars

If you haven’t heard of “Full Metal Alchemist” (FMA), where have you been? “FMA: Brotherhood” is actually another adaption of FMA, so it’s not a continuation. I definitely recommend “FMA: Brotherhood” over FMA any day. The action is a lot more intense, the drama is thick with goodness, and the comedy is just as entertaining. I even dare say the art is a lot better than the original FMA series.  As with many fantasy series, the action in this series is over-the-top; for better or for worse is for your own discretion.  It’s a series that speaks to both males and females, although I do curiously notice that more males tend to read the manga version and more females tend to watch the anime.  There’s gore, but it’s done tastefully, and there’s indeed that lurking romance that we watchers know is there, but the characters as always refuse to acknowledge it until the last minute.  FMA: Brotherhood is the new classic; if you haven’t watched or read any adaption of FMA, then what are you waiting for? I recommend this anime to ANYONE, especially the people love action (boys, I’m looking at you) and the girls who love all things cute & bishi (girls, you know what I mean).  I do not recommend this series if  you really hate watching fighting scenes. (But I swear, it’s engaging!)


I’m alive, I swear!

12 Jul

Oh boy.  I’m sorry for that random dropped-off-the-earth act without warning.  I kind of got caught up in the end of the school year and plowed my way halfway through summer before realizing I nearly abandoned my pet project.  I apologize to my few readers who wanted to read more reviews!  You’ll get a review soon enough (hopefully tomorrow).  In the meantime, update on my life:

-Successfully completed my freshmen year at college.  (3.24 GPA; not too terrible)
-Volunteering gig at Johns Hopkins Hospital.  Pretty awesome stuff, considering that I’m working in the Emergency Department.
-Have NOT been able to reclaim my job at Michaels for the summer.  Boo.
-Taking summer classes because god forbid I actually have fun during the summer ^^
-I am on twitter!  Follow me here! My twitter isn’t dedicated to anime or live action, just my life in 120 characters or less.
-Despite outraged reviews, I watched “The Last Airbender” and guess what? I. DID. NOT. HATE. IT.  I repeat, I’m an eternal Otaku, watched the entire series of Avatar, and did NOT hate the live action movie.  Review will come later 😀
-Reconnecting with friends is ALWAYS a blast (especially if it’s over board and video games)
-Change in layout.  It’s still me, so if you were confused, don’t be! I think this is a cute layout & should definitely initiate change in my blogging.

So that’s the quick and dirty update on my life.  Anime and live action reviews will follow in the next couple days.  I apologize again for the months of nothingness!