I’m alive, I swear!

12 Jul

Oh boy.  I’m sorry for that random dropped-off-the-earth act without warning.  I kind of got caught up in the end of the school year and plowed my way halfway through summer before realizing I nearly abandoned my pet project.  I apologize to my few readers who wanted to read more reviews!  You’ll get a review soon enough (hopefully tomorrow).  In the meantime, update on my life:

-Successfully completed my freshmen year at college.  (3.24 GPA; not too terrible)
-Volunteering gig at Johns Hopkins Hospital.  Pretty awesome stuff, considering that I’m working in the Emergency Department.
-Have NOT been able to reclaim my job at Michaels for the summer.  Boo.
-Taking summer classes because god forbid I actually have fun during the summer ^^
-I am on twitter!  Follow me here! My twitter isn’t dedicated to anime or live action, just my life in 120 characters or less.
-Despite outraged reviews, I watched “The Last Airbender” and guess what? I. DID. NOT. HATE. IT.  I repeat, I’m an eternal Otaku, watched the entire series of Avatar, and did NOT hate the live action movie.  Review will come later 😀
-Reconnecting with friends is ALWAYS a blast (especially if it’s over board and video games)
-Change in layout.  It’s still me, so if you were confused, don’t be! I think this is a cute layout & should definitely initiate change in my blogging.

So that’s the quick and dirty update on my life.  Anime and live action reviews will follow in the next couple days.  I apologize again for the months of nothingness!


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