Fierce Loyalty

19 Feb

Celebrities.  I never understood the fascination of them, but I do have a theory.  Aside from the desire to marry some famous and rich person and have them know your existence, I see a fierce bond between their fans and them, even if it’s just a one-way street.  My sister, for example, would defend from the moon and back how amazing Justin Bieber is–something she wouldn’t do for some of her closest friends.  If you go on any artists’ videos on Youtube, you will see the typical tug-of-war between the crazed fans and the haters.  Why is this?  Why do we have such a drive to proclaim our loyalty to a person who has never talked to us personally, known us intimately, and cared for us the way our friends do?  My theory is that this fierce love for someone is usually frowned upon in society, when it’s between just friends.  I believe that we allow ourselves to show endless adoration for these celebrities, but if we showed the same degree for our significant others or friends, people will stare.  It’s apparently not normal to show that you love someone as fiercely as you do.  People call it clingy, psychotic, dependent, or just madly in love.  And while society may wrinkle their noses when they spy a couple too sickeningly cute, we also probably do this to save ourselves.  When we track our favorite celebrity religiously, we can never get rejected.  They live for the limelight, so the more people that know them, the better.  Their fame depends on their fans, so they welcome the thousands of Twitter followers and Youtube commenters while we thank them for lifting a finger and publishing a new song, movie, or clothing line for us to love.  However, if you replace the celebrities with the people in your life, things drastically change.  The person knows you, and can hold things against you.  You can get hurt for loving them too much, they’ll cut you off and banish you from their lives, and then you’d be at a loss for where to place the huge overflowing of emotions you have inside you.  These problems make us complicate love more than we need to.  Whether or not you “like like” someone, or just “like” them, I cannot even begin to fathom what kind of society has the right to tell you that you are not allowed to love whoever you want, that you cannot, and should not, show that you would be willing to give up your life for someone.  Can’t we just get on with life, and enjoy the fact that we can love at all?


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