Happy Winter Solstice!

21 Dec

The most beautiful things in the world always get trampled by mankind…

It’s Winter Solstice!  And what better way to welcome the holiday with nothing other but snow?  We got buried today in a ton of snow.  Approximately 26 inches last I heard.  “It’s a December record around here!” the headline news point out excitedly.  When I woke up early Saturday morning, I was in awe of  the crystallized wonder that had accumulated outside.  In a couple of hours, however, mankind with their menacing and merciliess shovels and powered snow plows hastily shoved the snow into a huge pile up on the sides of the road.  The blanket of snow was no more.  Now it towered over as melting mountains, holding out to the best of its ability as salt is thrown on them and the sun keeps a close eye.  I was planning to take this shot earlier in the day, where the snow was smooth and the bench was sitting there, being buried in the snow.  But when I finally got outside about an hour later, my neighbor’s kids have made their mark as they used the bench as a safe zone for their snowball fight.  So much for priceless wonder.

Anyway!  So much for an introduction 😀  Hi, I’m Lucy, just your ordinary Otaku gal.  I’m currently a student at College Park and am currently on the path of becoming a nurse anesthetist.  I’ve always been meaning to make a blog, but I never really had a particular topic in mind, because I love many things.  I love reading, writing, gaming, cooking, and taking horrible pictures.  Like everyone else in the world, I would love to be nothing other than perfect, but I know that’s quite an impossible acheivement.  So what’s my blog going to be about?  I decided it’s going to be about life.  Not always my life, but life in general.  I will most likely be talking about the newest anime series I became addicted to, or my cooking project gone wrong.  And if you’ve survived my ramblings so far, congradulations!  Hopefully we’ll get along.



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